Show Me Your Chiclets

from by Bat Country



The curtain won’t be drawing back, the klieg lights wait to pop and crack
The followspot will hold you locked in place
Showgoers are all aglow, you’ve been undraped, it’s time to go!
Look alive! And bare your pretty face!

Bump and strut across the stage, a clockwork dove in a pewter cage
It’s all part of the show, you understand
Step and thrust and point your toes, into the chest your modesty goes
Tête à tête with your patron’s broad waistband

Downstage right is the mama’s boy, downstage left, the mayor’s toy
Front and center, a desperately lonely Jack
Pose engaged, eyes trained aloft, never let their gaze go soft
You’re the seasonal medicinal aphrodisiac!

Sweat and stardust on our brows, beholden to the cosmic boughs
We’re singin’ in the streets and it’s okay
Whiskey, smoke and PBR, someday I’m gonna be a star
Unapologetic passion lights the way

The act is over, it’s been a pleasure, accolades sustain you beyond measure
Don’t know what you’d do if it weren’t this
Fan your dollar store lashes, incandesce that smile
Ensure the good people found the time worthwhile
Cast your cloud of glitter, go out with a kiss.


from Love's The Only Engine Of Survival, released June 15, 2013
Lyrics by Melissa Cerise-Bullock

Music by Michael Sellars, Melissa Cerise-Bullock, and Bat Country



all rights reserved


Bat Country Seattle, Washington

Seattle's one and only licensed purveyors of genuine, undiluted, 100-proof Doom-Americana, Bat Country creates a unique, raw, yet hook-laden brand of noir heavily influenced by Tom Waits, Neko Case and Leonard Cohen. They are currently waiting outside your window with rusty shovels to bury you in the creeping existential dread of their pretty melodies. This is all ye know and all ye need know. ... more

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