Well that's some very fine stitching around your lips
I haven't seen work like that for a while
I would venture a guess that you've had it since you were a child
It gets so hard to keep a civil tongue
Now they're coming around with the knives
You'll be guaranteed someone to watch your mouth
And make sure that you're dressed to the nines

Strictly speaking, there's no saying how deeply you'll be shocked
No retreating, we've got ways to make you talk
Strictly speaking, there's no telling how far we'll run amok
When you're weeping, we've got ways to shut you up

So your loosening lips sunk your censorship
Now you've got some explaining to do
Well we asked for disaster, you gave us a fine overview
If you can't think of anything nice to say,
You're in very good company
But you'll just have to learn how bite your lip
‘Til it falls in the dirt at your feet.


And all those ugly thoughts just thrash inside your head
So if you're stuttering, try singing it instead
Because we all know paper burns
and every language that you've learned is dead
And they can hang on every word
and still not hear a single thing that you have said

Now that's a very sharp needle you're brandishing
But I'll try to maintain my resolve
And take pains to keep slicing these words so precisely
Until they mean nothing at all


from Love's The Only Engine Of Survival, released June 15, 2013
Lyrics by Bill Cerise-Bullock

Music by Bill Cerise-Bullock and Bat Country



all rights reserved


Bat Country Seattle, Washington

Seattle's one and only licensed purveyors of genuine, undiluted, 100-proof Doom-Americana, Bat Country creates a unique, raw, yet hook-laden brand of noir heavily influenced by Tom Waits, Neko Case and Leonard Cohen. They are currently waiting outside your window with rusty shovels to bury you in the creeping existential dread of their pretty melodies. This is all ye know and all ye need know. ... more

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