Lyrics by Melissa Cerise-Bullock

Meet me at the edge of the lazy sloping hill
We’re fashionably late and we’re always dressed to kill
Take my hand, the clock has cycled ‘round, it’s time my friend
Close your eyes and hold your breath, the gun will tell you when
It’s time to drop to our despair all over again.

‘Round and round we go, it starts to get too much
‘Til you’re feeling like you’re pushed to the limit
Keeping still until it freezes, light the fire and fall to pieces
‘Til it starts all over again (x2)

We know so well the carpet of our intimate soiree
Is the loam of countless naked apes who never got away
From the reoccurring tragedy that is Love’s comedy
It’s tempting, but I’d rather not say it was meant to be
Please say I’m not alone, I hope you’ll agree.


A drink for you and one for me, no more can we afford
To prance around the infirm crux of that which we once adored
Locked eye to eye, it’s fight or flight, our tango overspun
But if we stand together we can draw down the sun (x4)


from Love's The Only Engine Of Survival, released June 15, 2013
Lyrics by Melissa Cerise-Bullock

Music by Bill Cerise-Bullock, Melissa Cerise-Bullock and Bat Country



all rights reserved


Bat Country Seattle, Washington

Seattle's one and only licensed purveyors of genuine, undiluted, 100-proof Doom-Americana, Bat Country creates a unique, raw, yet hook-laden brand of noir heavily influenced by Tom Waits, Neko Case and Leonard Cohen. They are currently waiting outside your window with rusty shovels to bury you in the creeping existential dread of their pretty melodies. This is all ye know and all ye need know. ... more

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